LifeCycle consulting works with families to plan for current and future elder living needs. We help families recognize the various stages of the aging process and provide information on the various elder living options.

Are you managing two households, your own and your parents? There is help!

Sooner or later, something will have to give and unfortunately, it is the adult children that suffer with the daily stresses of caregiving. Loving our parents is the first priority yet now we are in a position of caregiving for them. Much of your personal time is given to all the details of managing their care.

If you are handling one or more in the list below, chances are you have become the primary caregiver.

  • Visits become longer and more difficult because bathing has become part of the ritual.
  • Stopping each day at your parent’s home to make sure they have taken their meds and have eaten.
  • Trying to learn and implement their wishes, wills, and finances in the manner they desire.
  • Accompany and transporting them to doctor appointments and day services.
  • Overseeing the checkbook and finances because they no longer can do it.
  • Watching them mentally and physically deteriorate right in front of your eyes
  • Investigating all the options and get frustrated because there isn’t enough time.
  • Making haste decisions in efforts to “get it all done.”

How We Can Help You Plan For Elder Living Costs*

  • Discuss the types of senior living options that are available
  • Prepare what questions to ask and to whom you should ask
  • Discuss the types of caregiving available
  • Discuss the types of costs and how you can pay for it
  • Provide you with effective methods to use when talking to family members

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What Stage Is Right For Your Family?

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