Our Seminars Offer Exploration into a Range of Senior Living Planning Topics

The sessions are interactive. Each seminar is taught by either Mike or Nina Roberts,  professionals who are experts in his/her field. They bring a diverse set of knowledge to the classroom, and are receptive to individual planning issues. Learn more about our presenters.

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The Aging Process

An overview of the demographics of aging, including life course transitions, family relationships and social support systems, living arrangements, and work and retirement. Discussion in understanding of health and health care, caring for the frail elderly, death and bereavement.

We also discuss proven methods to effectively communicate with senior family members.


Basics of Estate Planning

An overview of various aspects of estate and gift tax planning, including the nature, valuation, transfer, administration and taxation of property. We provide  you a basic understanding of the estate and gift tax system. 

Financial Decisions for Retirement

An overview of financial decisions people face as they approach, reach and pass retirement age. We will discuss source of income, retirement calculations, investment considerations both during the accumulation and distribution phases, annuities, housing decisions and estate planning concerns. 


  • Senior living centers
  • Community Centers
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Insurance Companies
  • Civic organizations
  • Churches, synagogues
  • Other religious organizations
  • Schools
  • Employers with employees preparing for retirement


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