LifeCycle Consulting will help ease the transition from working years when you are accumulating assets to the retirement years when asset distribution begins. We guide families in making financial decisions for senior living based on their current investments, goals and plans, focusing on the preservation of family assets.

Making Your Money Last

Are you retired and taking care of your parents?Retirement Planning review as it relates to senior living needs.

We want to help you protect your retirement savings and show you other available options for funding your parents care.

Are you an aging parent and concerned about using your children's retirement savings?

We'll guide you in letting your kids use their retirement funds for their retirement and  show you other available options for funding your elder care.

We provide the following services*:

  • Discuss retirement alternatives - fully retired and living off social security, partially retired or have been forced into retirement?
  • Help you determine the amount needed for retirement
  • Educate you on the following financial topics:
    • How Social Security works
    • How various retirement plans work, i.e. Pensions, 401(k)
    • How Traditional and Roth IRA’s, Rollovers work including accumulation and distribution periods
    • How Annuities work
    • Discuss required minimum distribution rules for retirement plans
    • How Mutual Funds Work
    • Explanation and guidance relating to various risk(s)
  • Review your Life Insurance
  • Help determine your best housing needs
  • Review other types of Investment Instruments (Using Bank Checking, Savings and CD Accounts)

Family and Senior Living Coach

LifeCycle Consulting provides consulting services* for families and individuals as they review and plan for their needs in retirement and in regards to potential caregiving within the family structure. The focus will include preparation for their long term care needs that may develop within the family. Each family’s need will be different based on geographic location, financial consideration, personal and business concerns, health and disability concerns, etc.

We also offer consulting services to help plan for the possible immediate needs of a family in the event of a financial loss due to an unexpected death and at the same time plan for the future income needs of a family and or individual in the event of a long life. Guidance will be provided on how life insurance can be planned as a means of providing immediate finances. Both situations can be met through proper planning of life insurance, annuities, mutual fund investments plans, retirement programs. Careful consideration will be given for each individual and family’s specific situation.


As professional elder living advisors,we interface with many professionals to create your Life Care Plan.

Caregiving Services

Certified Public Accountant

Elder Law & Other Attorneys

Estate Planning and Trust Review

Family Advocates

Financial Advisor

Funeral Planning

Identity Theft Prevention

Life & Health Insurance Agents

Long Term Care Insurance

Medicaid Specialists

Medicare Insurance Agents

Mortgage Specialists


Real Estate Agents

Trust Administrators

Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits Planning